Burmese Sneeze-Monkey Found!

As I make my way onto the blogosphere, fellow primate, Mr Rhinopithecus strykeri also makes his presence known. Flora and Fauna International announced today the discovery of a Snub-Nosed Monkey in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Thomas Geissmann A Photoshop reconstruction of the new snub-nosed monkey, based on a Yunnan snub-nosed monkey and a carcass of the newly discovered species.

An odd looking fella, his nostrils are upturned, giving them an odd problem when it rains; it’s thought that rain getting into the respiratory passages causes snubby to sneeze. Locals have observed that to prevent this, they sit with their heads between their knees during storms. Unfortunately the little chap is already endangered; the rain induced sneezes make them especially easy to hunt in the rainy season and they are eaten for food. Full article is over at The American Journal of Primatology.


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