Confessions of a Music Luddite – 2010 in music

I’m the first to admit that I am rubbish at new music; my preferred listening consists of Radiohead, Muse and Simon & Garfunkel. I don’t listen to music radio: radio 1 plays music fit only for trendy teens, BBC6 is peopled by music snobs too cool for the mainstream and radio 2 is senile. Pleasant, but senile. I don’t do edgy, but I loathe the mundane and shun the popular (ok, maybe I’m not that bad). I don’t avoid music, not actively, you understand. It just does nothing for me.

This time of the year, people are putting together their top lists of the year. Of what are considered the top albums of the year, I’ve only heard of 2 artists and only have one album. So I thought I’d put together my own list. A list of songs released this year. Not necessarily the best. But the only songs that I really like from this year. If you think you’ve got something better, by all means share it. As I’ve pointed out, I have a very small frame of reference.

  1. Buttercups – Fran Healy. This is currently the most played song on my iPod. First track released off Healy’s solo album. And I loves it.
  2. Down by the Water – The Decemberists. It’s a bit REM, a bit Bruce Springsteen and sounds really cool. Having listened to the rest of their stuff, this is a lot less folky (this doesn’t have quite as much accordion).
  3. Kaiser Cartel – Ready to Go. I heard this song, thought it was awesome and thought I’d try the rest of their stuff. I was unimpressed. Still, Ready to Go is wedged on my iPod. (Incidentally this is available as a free download 🙂 here)
  4. The National – Conversation 16. It’s a great song. And even if it weren’t, it deserves its place here simply because it has one of the best song lyrics I’ve heard in ages. All together now “I was afraid/I’d eat your brains”
  5. Beck (as Sex Bob-Omb) – Garbage Truck. Technically it’s from a soundtrack. It’s still going in my damn list!

Honourable Mentions: Jonsi – Go: an album made of pure happy.

And OK Go – This Too Shall Pass: they so win at Rube Goldberg Machine

If you have any better 2010 songs, do post them. And I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.

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