In Lester B’s Shadow

Flying’s a bit of a pain. I think of myself as a good flier, I’ve flown between the UK and Canada a fair few times. I cope reasonably well with airports, despite my loathing of crowds. Heathrow 123 is the exception to this. It’s too small for the number of people there. And at 10am there are a lot of people. Why is acceptable to drink in airports at 9am? Why are the shops so rubbish at T3? It’s fine if you want chocolate, but if you actually want anything useful, forget it, I think Boots might be the one exception…

Surviving the flight is a whole different matter. Confined to a seat for 8 hours, I’m prepared. I realised that graphic novels were the way to cope if your film selection consists of rom-coms starring Gerard Butler. However, new technology means that I have a rather large selection of stuff to watch. Morning Glory I had already picked out, just as fun trash. I was overjoyed to spot some of my favourite films of the year. Namely, The Social Network. Jesse Eisenberg still rocking the socks-with sandals look. It’s not all classy films: Clash of the Titans and Sex and the City 2 are also in there…. I’m being weirded by Andrew Garfield’s massive hair in Never Let Me Go.

And the dude next to me has been drinking red wine and coke. Together. Luckily he’s Austrian and hasn’t tried to start a conversation, he did borrow a pen. Most of the time I fly, I’m on my own. I don’t think I’m a sociable flyer.

Met by Yasmin’s family at the airport after immigration fun (took 30mins, but at least I didn’t have to wait ling for my bag. Have now repacked, leaving all the winter stuff in the hotel and while re-packing, Yas was saying that Prince George (where she’s just come from) really dull, so dull in fact that her most exciting new discovery is eyeshadow on a stick. tomorrow we Fly from Toronto Pearson International to a life on the ocean waves. I’m so proud of long-lost cousin, Lester B Pearson, ex-prime minister and Nobel laureate….

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