I’m not sure where to put my reading list, I figured this was the best place.


  • Bad Science Guardian columnist and Doctor, Ben Goldacre fights the good fight against bad science
  • i-Flicks Film reviews and opinion spoilers, where I occasionally moonlight as the illiterate one
  • Paperback Rioter where I can read about current affairs and pretend I’m smart
  • RedHeadFashionista for fun girly things and rants that I agree with
  • Richard Wiseman Psychology professor, magician and author. Interested in quirky mind stuff, luck and humour

Things to do when you’re bored:

  • TED Ideas worth spreading; inspiring and educational talks on science, arts, business and global issues
  • xkcd a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language
  • PhD comics an indispensable guide to life as a PhD student
  • Dilbert an indispensable guide to work in an office
  • FoxTrot Because I almost was that geeky kid
  • Bob the Angry Flower The only guide you need for apostrophe usage, idiots
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